Proposed Sale of Chelsea FC Reportedly Suffers Another Setback

Chelsea Football Club Reportedly Have a New Owner

Proposed Sale of Chelsea FC Reportedly Suffers Another Setback

The decision to sell Chelsea Football Club reportedly might be hitting another roadblock in the next recent days.

The Athletic reported on its official website on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 that Roman Abramovich might be asking for the £1.65 billion that Chelsea FC owes him. The Russian billionaire had initially asked that the money should be forfeited but there seems to be another change in his decision.

Todd Boehly’s team, along with representatives of the other shortlisted bids fronted by Sir Martin Broughton and Steve Pagliuca, were left with the impression that Abramovich now wants the £1.6 billion debt, from Chelsea’s parent company Fordstam Ltd to Camberley International Investments, repaid in full as part of the sale.

It is reported that any fund from the sale of Chelsea that will go into the account or anything that is associated with Abramovich will not be approved by the UK government. Abramovich had earlier announced that he wants to sell Chelsea before the sanctions that were placed on him by the UK government.

Chelsea will hope the whole buying of the club is being sorted out as quickly as possible.

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