Adekunle Gold Discloses Reason Why He Got A Tattoo

Adekunle Gold Discloses Reason Why He Got A Tattoo

Adekunle Gold Discloses Reason Why He Got A Tattoo

Nigerian talented singer, Adekunle Gold has revealed to his fans and the air the reason behind his symbolic tattoo drawing.

The superb Afro-Pop sensation had openly passed the revelation to the media about his tattoo work and how relevant it is to him as an individual.

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Musical artist, Adekunle Gold is known for sending one of the most enlightening and heart-to-heart emails to his fans. His recent mail to fans revealed the reason for his inking. In his mail he stated;

“Back to my tattoo, I pondered about it for a while, for a few years actually. I have tweeted it so many times that I was going to get one but I was afraid as heck lol and I would always ask myself this “Adekunle why do you want to draw on your body?” It wasn’t until this Miami trip that I connected the dots.”

Furthermore, he revealed that he had gotten his tattoo on his lower right arm and why it is important to him, he stated;

“My tattoo is on my lower right arm and it’s a bamboo growing out of a lotus flower. It symbolizes strength and resilience and the ability to rise above all and any adversity. That’s the story I have chosen to tell the world about Adekunle. A boy who refused to back down when no one believed in him, a boy who was so sure of his potential that no adversary could hold him down. A boy who pushed and charged forward towards his dreams until he achieved them.”

See pictures of more of his statements from his mail and also a picture of the tattoo below;

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